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solar water pump

solar water pump

Find Best Solar water pump manufacturers in your city Rourkela / Contact Direct with Solar water pump dealer in rourkela odisha

  In view of the rising prices of diesel and the continuous increase in electricity, solar powered water pumps are the right choice for rural areas. Because you have to take less maintenance in their conservation and they ensure safety in your life for a long time.For the best deals of solar water pump you can connect with the solar water pump dealer in Rourkela.  The quality of solar water pump in Rourkela supports you to complete various tasks like different irrigation. It supplies potable water to the entire area around you, and draws water from nearby water sources such as lakes, ponds, canals or rivers.

 We are providing you world's No.1 Solar Pumps with 40% more discharge

With their outstanding performance and superior features, solar pumps have made their mark on the world. A solar pump is available in the range of 1 HP-100 HP and discharges 40% more than other normal pumps. Due to this, our Solar pumps distinguishes in the market.

  • We provide "supply, installation and commissioning turnkey capability" for solar pumps without direct existing text and through our channel partners.
  • We provide you solar water pumps at very reasonable prices, which you can operate easily and frees you from the worry of unnecessary maintenance.
  • Solar water pumps are the easiest way for farmers to produce energy, especially for those who live off the electricity grid with poor infrastructure around their homes. And suffer from electricity problems
  •  There is no  fuel costs or spills
  • We provide you Simple and reliable solar water pump  and system can be made to be mobile


Know about the specifications and requirements of solar water pumps


PV array and position:-

  • Our solar water pumps can achieve capacities from 200 watts to 5 kWp.
  • Put on suitable structure where you can get provisions to track the sun

Set the motor pump (surface or submersible)

 Set up DC motor pump with the following (brushed or brushed with low DC)

 A.C. Induction motor pump set must be connected with a suitable inverter


- Get maximum power point tracker (MPPT)

- Controls / Protections for solar water pump.

Interconnect Cables and “On-Off” switch.

Why choose to us

We provide you solar water pumps with PV module capacity in the range of 200 watts to 5 kW, which you can easily install on bore-well / open well / water reservoir / water stream etc.

We have gained trust of our clients by being a pioneer in manufacturing the best solar water pumps in Rourkela as well as the latest series and emerging as a reputed brand in the international markets.

If you are considering applications of solar energy for agriculture or for any other purpose, then you should contact us and discuss with us freely. We are always ready to give your questions and queries answers. For more details you can visit on our site and you can connect with us by social media platform like facebook, whatsapp, instagram and on twitter.






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